Eco Committee



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Eco Committee

Tarfside Primary School is very Eco friendly. We are very proud of our THIRD Green Flag!


We have created our own Eco Code to help us think of the environment:

We put our litter in the bin

We recycle bottles, cans and tins

Be bright like us, turn off the light

Donít be a toad

Listen to our eco code

  Eco Committee
Our Eco Committee meet once a term to organise events.  Everyone has an eco job to do around the school.  These include recycling, bird feeding and energy monitoring.

We collect our food waste and put it in our compost bins.  We use the compost which we have made over the last few years in our school gardens.


In November 2012 we invited parents and the community to our school.  We used presentations and a short musical called 'The Litter Muncher' to share our learning.




Litter pick
Every year we take part in a national litter pick. In 2011 we were very surprised with how much litter we found. In 2012 we were pleased to find much less litter.


Tree Planting
In May 2012 we all planted chestnut trees at Auchmull Estate in Glenesk.  It was a very cold day!  We hope to watch our trees grow throughout our lives.









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